Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas at Sara's Secret! Come and join the party why don't you?! ;)

Happy Monday folks! :)

Brrrrr! It is freezing here in the United Kingdom! Defiantly time to wrap up warm, grab your hot coco and slip on those Uggs (you know you want too)!

However, you don't have to stop looking unique and stylish because of the cold...


That should do the trick! :)

Just to quickly let all you lovelies know, I am still busy working away like one of Santa's little elf's creating the official flash website for Sara's Secret and I am going as quick as I can but there is lots to do when building a big site. I hope to have it up this side of Christmas (fingers crossed)!

In the meantime, all new items will be posted on this blog, so you won't miss any new pretty designs I have been busy creating.

All of the below are items I have sourced and I can order from my vintage contacts from around the world once I have an idea of what people may like :)

So, if you are interested at all in any of the below, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at and let me know what item/items you want and how many and I can get back to you very quickly.

So, now for the fun part!

Time to have a peek at what's available...

The 'When Sara met Dorothy' collection.

Some beautiful charms themed around the cult classic 'The Wizard of Oz'. These pendants can all hang on gold plated or bronze plated chains (12, 18 or 24inch) and can also have if you want some blue and white gingham ribbon tied around the top of the pendants to add that special Dorothy touch!

'Glinda'-The Good Witch cameo in gold.

This is my absolute favourite! Hanging on a long chain-this would really set you apart from the crowd and is quite a rare item to come across I have been told. And we all loved her dress in the film didn't we?!

Price-£14.00 (on any length chain)

'We're off to see the Wizard'

Similar style locket cameo as the above but featuring a coloured picture of the 'Wizard of Oz' logo and Dorothy's Ruby red sparkly shoes. (I still dream of owning a pair)...

Price-£14 (on any length chain)

'There's no place like home'

Ahh, the clicking of the ruby red shoes and then repeating 'There's no place like home'-that would come so in handy when you hit rush hour on your way home!

Pendant featuring the iconic shoes themselves-let them do the talking for your outfit.

Price-£12 (on any length chain)

'Toto, where are you'?

Ahh where is the precious Toto?
Beautifully shot black and white image of Julie Garland in a round gold plated frame.

£12 (on any length chain)

If you want any of these with the blue and white gingham ribbon attached to the top of the charm, that will be an extra £1.50

'An adventure at sea'

I LOVE these old-fashioned, fairytale looking Pirate ships (especially if Johnny Depp was on it)! He he!
Let your accessory tell you a story and whisk you off to sell the Seven Seas.

£12 (on any chain)

'Let's ride this storm together'

£12 (on any length chain)

'The Ursula'
One of the best sellers from Sara's Secret. This gorgeous purple 70's glass pendant sold out very quickly last time so get in quick if you want one for the party season!


(Also available as earrings for £7)

'My Japanese flower'

As you can probably guess from the name, these adorable mini floral charms are from the 70's and are from Japan. They can be hung on an length chain (silver or gold plated).
They certainly add a cute, girly and vintage twist for any outfit :)

£6 (on any length chain)

'Your Carriage awaits you mam'

This charm is one of my favourites and one I made and kept for myself as I loved it so much!
I have even had people stop and ask me where it's from! (Insert Happy Face here)!

£14 (on any length chain)

'The Romantic Clock'

Stunning vintage pendant decorated to look like a clock (please note-not an actual clock). With a beautiful hand painted illustration behind of a lady at leisure being seduced by her lover and his guitar. A Victorian version of Romeo and Juliet perhaps?

£14 (on any length chain).

'My Blossom'

Cute and awfully pretty floral mini cameo charms. Add such a sweet Spring touch to your day!

£8 (on any length chain)


So these are like a little sister to the 'Ursula' (see a theme running here...)

Simply beautiful (from the 70's era).

£8 (on any length chain)

'Rock and Guns'

Small bronze pendant with two guns crossing over each other.
I am really into smaller, delicate charms at the moment to wear either alone of layers with other chains and pieces and these would look amazing worn either way.

Go on, let the bad gal side of you out ;)

£6 (on any length chain)


'The Queen'

Vintage Royal Crown pendants.

Now you can have your own set of Crown glam!

£10 (on any length chain)

Means flower in the beautiful French language.
Again, super girly and pretty vintage piece from the late 70's.

£12 (on any length chain)

'The two lovers'

This is such a beautiful vintage pendant and I was so, SO excited to find this!
Two lovers taking a stroll in a magical and romantic Victorian setting.
Their clothes are just exquisite don't you think?

Defiantly a top piece to have in your collection if you love vintage

£15 (on any length chain)

The 'Yeah, I am beautiful, so what'? Barbie necklace.

A iconic little fashionista this one!

This has sold out before, so again get in quick if you would like to add her to your jewellery box!

Price-£15 (with pearls)
Price-£14 (on silver plated chain)


Delicate, dainty bronze vintage heart mini locket with a burnt orange front gem to it.
Again, a really good find for a true vintage lover :)

Price-£8 (on any length chain)-I suggest gold plated but it's totally up to you!

'My Little Unicorn'

Who needs a 'My Little Pony' when you can have and wear a 'My Little Unicorn'?!
So, so cute and a small dainty bronze/gold Unicorn.

£6 (on a 16 or 18 inch gold plated chain).

So there we have it peeps!

I hope you are as excited about these new pieces as much as I am?!

Yay for Vintage! ♥

Please let me know as soon as possible what ones you are interested in as the last order dates before Christmas will be the 10th Dec (not long to go! Excited)?

Thanks so much again for all your wonderful support-it really does mean the world to me xoxo

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  1. I'd love a 'the ursula' - How do i go about it?